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“The Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association is dedicated to raising consumer awareness of
the advantages of bath enclosures as the quality alternative to shower curtains.”

BEMA was founded in 1992 and represents industry manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in the United States and Canada. No other trade association in North America is dedicated to consumers’ and the bath enclosure industry’s needs. BEMA promotes the purchase, installation and maintenance of high-quality bath enclosures as the best choice for containing shower water in today’s bathrooms.

Bath enclosures have evolved from a simple glass partition to keep water off the bathroom floor into stylish, value-enhancing additions. Today’s enclosures are available in an almost endless variety of designs, colors and patterns for tubs and showers. So whether you are looking for a standard enclosure or a high end one, the end result will be aesthetically pleasing and will enhance your homes value.

Consumers will find BEMA’s website informative and helpful when choosing a bath enclosure, locating a manufacturer or dealer, learning proper cleaning methods, or getting ideas for a bathroom remodeling.

For more on the history of BEMA, click here

BEMA members are divided into three categories: Active, Associate and Dealer.

Active members manufacture bath enclosures and must have been in business for at least one year prior to application.
Associate members are associated with or serve as a supplier of products to the bath enclosure industry.
Dealer members are firms or corporations that purchase enclosures or components and either sell and/or install custom or standard enclosures.

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